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21). Two trains of equal length are running on parallel lines in the same direction at 46 km/h and 36 km/h. The faster train passes the slower train in 36 s. The length of each train is
A). 82 m
B). 50 m
C). 80 m
D). 72 m
22). Two trains, of same length are running in parallel tracks in opposite directions with speeds 65 km/h and 85 km/h respectively. They cross each other in 6 s. The length of each train is
A). 100 m
B). 115 m
C). 125 m
D). 150 m
23). The ratio between the speeds of two train is 8 : 9. Second train covers 360 km in 4 h. Distance covered by first train in 3 h (in km) is
A). 240
B). 480
C). 120
D). 60
24). The average speed of a bus is three-fourth the average speed of a train. The train covers 240 km in 12 h. How much distance will the bus cover in 7 h?
A). 110 km
B). 115 km
C). 105 km
D). 100 km
25). Excluding stoppages, the speed of a train is 108 km/h and including stoppages, it is 90 km/h. For how many minutes does the train stop per hour?
A). 5
B). 9
C). 10
D). 6

26). Without stoppages, the speed of a train is 150 km/h and with stoppages, it is 100 km/h. How many minutes, does the train stop?
A). 20
B). 15
C). 25
D). 45
27). Two trains are running 40km/h and 20 km/h respectively, in the same direction. The fast train completely passes a man sitting in the slow train in 5 s. The length of the fast train is
A). \( \Large 23\frac{2}{9} \) m
B). 27 m
C). \( \Large 27\frac{7}{9} \) m
D). 23 m
28). The distance between two stations P and Q is 145 km. A train with speed of 25 km/h leaves station at 8:00 am towards station Q. Another train with speed of 35 km/h leaves station Q at 9:00 am towards station P. Then, at what time both trains meet?
A). 10:00 AM
B). 11:00 AM
C). 12:00 AM
D). 11:30 AM
29). P and Q are 27 km away. Two trains will having speeds of 24 km/h and 18 km/h respectively start simultaneously from P and Q and travel in the same direction. They meet at a point R beyond Q. Distance QR is
A). 126 km
B). 81 km
C). 48 km
D). 36 km
30). Two trains A and B start from Howrah and Patna towards Patna and Howrah respectively at the same time. After passing each other, they take 4h 48 min and 3h 20 min to reach Patna and Howrah, respectively. If the train from Howrah is moving at 45 km/h, then the speed of the other train is
A). 60 km/h
B). 45 km/h
C). 35 km/h
D). 54 km/h
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