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41). If a train 100 metres long takes half a minute in crossing a tunnel 400 m long, then speed of the train is
A). 72 km/hr
B). 65 km/hr
C). 60 km/hr
D). 58 km/hr
42). A train 110 m long travels at 60 km per hour. A man is running at 6 km per hour in the same direction in which the train is going. The train will cross the man in
A). 9 sec
B). 16 sec
C). \( \Large 7\frac{1}{3} \) sec
D). 17 sec
43). A train 180 m long travels at 66 km per hour. A man is running at 6 km per hour in the direction opposite to that in which the train is going. The train will cross the man in
A). 15 seconds
B). 12 seconds
C). 9 seconds
D). 16 seconds
44). A passenger train reaches its destination in 8 hours. If speed of the train is increased by 3km/hour, then it takes one hour less. The distance covered by the train is
A). 150 km
B). 157 km
C). 165 km
D). 168 km
45). If a train running at 40 km/hr. passes a person riding parallel to the railway line in the same direction at 25 km/hr. in 48 seconds, then length of the train is
A). 200 m
B). 300 m
C). 400 m
D). 500 m

46). Two trains 250 meters and 350 meters long respectively travel with uniform speeds on parallel lines from opposite directions. If they cross each other in 1 minute, and speed of one train be 30 km/hr, then speed of the second train is
A). 18 km/hr
B). 6 km/hr
C). 9 km/hr
D). 12 km/hr
47). The average speed of a train, including stoppages was 40 km/hr and excluding stoppages, it was 50 km/hr. How many minutes per hour did the train stop?
A). 12
B). 20
C). 18
D). 16
48). If a train 500 meter long enters a tunnel 0.5 km long at 10.05 am. and is completely out of it at 10.10 a.m., then speed of the train is
A). 12 km/hr
B). 20 km/hr
C). 16 km/hr
D). 18 km/hr
49). Two trains each 300 In. in length are running on the parallel lines in opposite directions with the speeds of 70 km/hr. and 50 km/hr respectively. In how much time will they cross each other completely?
A). 18 sec
B). 12 sec
C). 10 sec
D). 11 sec
50). A train started from a station with certain number of passengers. At the first halt, half of the passengers got down and 125 passengers got in. At second halt, half of the passengers left and 100 persons entered, then the train left for its destination with 250 passengers. The number of passengers in the train when it started was
A). 250
B). 350
C). 450
D). 550
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