Time and Distance Questions and answers

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    20. Time and Distance
    21. Time and work
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    23. Unitary Method
    24. Word problems
    25. Work and Wages
1). A man goes from Delhi to Dehradun. Half the distance he covers by bus at an average speed of 50 Km/hr and the other half by train at an average speed of 70 Km/hr the average speed for the whole journey was
A). 56 Km/hr
B). 64 Km/hr
C). 60 Km/hr
D). None of these
2). A person shooting at a target from a distance of 450 metres finds that the sound of the bullet hitting the target comes 1 / 2 seconds after he fired. A person equidistant from the target and shooting point hears the bullet hit 3 seconds after he heard the gun. The speed of sound is

A). 300 m/s
B). 350 m/s
C). 250 m/s
D). 400 m/s
3). A monkey climbs a slippery pole 12 m high. It rises 1 meter in every one minute and slips 1 /2 meter in every next minute. Find how soon it will reach the top?
A). 45 min
B). 40 min
C). 35 min
D). 48 min
4). A boy walks at 4 Km/hr and reaches his school 5 minutes late. Next day he walks at 5 Km/hr and start at the same time, reaches his school 10 minutes early. How far the school is from his house

A). 4 kms
B). 5 kms
C). 6 kms
D). 3 kms
5). A train starts from Delhi with a certain number of passengers. At Ghaziabad 110 get down and 100 get in. At Aligarh 50% get down and 25 get in. At Kanpur 5 of them get down and 50 get in. When train leaves Kanpur there are 200 passengers. How many did board the train at Delhi?
A). 300
B). 400
C). 270
D). 600

6). The radius of a circular wheel is 35 cm and it moves at the rate of 500 revolutions per minute. The speed of wheel is.

A). 50 Km/hr
B). 60 Km/hr
C). 63 Km/hr
D). 66 Km/hr
7). A person has to make a journey of 72 Kms. He rides a cycle at 12 Km/hr. After going certain distance, the cycle got punctured and he walks the remaining distance at \(  \Large 4\frac{1}{2} \)Km/hr. Where did the cycle got punctured if the total time taken for the journey was \(8 \frac{1}{2} \) hours?
A). 18 Kms
B). 54 Kms
C). 36 Kms
D). 48 Kms
8). A train travelled from A to B and back in a certain time at the rate of 60 Km/hr. But if the train had travelled from A to B at the rate of 80 Km/hr and back from B to A at the rate of 40 Km/hr it would take two hours longer. The distance between A and B is
A). 480 km
B). 320 km
C). 540 km
D). 180 km
9). P and Q are two stations 50 Km apart. X left stations P for station Q at the speed of 4 Km/hr and Y left station Q for station P at the speed of 6 Km/hr. They cross each other after
A). 4 hrs
B). 5 hrs
C). 6 hrs
D). 8 hrs
10). Walking at 4 Km/hr a man reaches his office 5 minutes late. If he walks at 5 Km/hr he will be \(\Large 2\frac{1}{2} \) minutes early. The distance of his office from his house is
A). 2.5 km
B). 2 km
C). 3 km
D). None of these
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