English Literature Questions and answers

  1. English Literature
1). Which of the following begins with these words?
“Good morning to the day; and next, my gold!
Open the shrine that I may see my saint"

A). The Poetaster
B). Cynthias Revels
C). Volpone
D). None of these
2). Who could have written The Book of Job?
A). John Milton
B). Henry Waughn
C). William Shakespeare
D). None of these
3). The theatres were reopened in 1660. When were they closed last?
A). 1616
B). 1642
C). 1650
D). 1652
4). The “Circulating Libraries” were popular during
A). The Eighteenth Century
B). The seventeenth Century
C). The Nineteenth Century
D). Both A and C
5). The Closed Heroic Couplet used by pope is unique because...
A). The two lines act as a stanza
B). It makes use of an end stopped first line
C). Every Line contains, a caesura
D). All the above

6). Which of the following Chaucers tale is in Prose?
A). The Pardoners tale
B). The Cooks tale
C). The Prioress's tale
D). The Parsons tale
7). Don Juan written by Lord Byron is specimen of
A). A Heroic Play
B). Epic Satire
C). Epic Narrative
D). Romantic Poem
8). The first Folio edition of Shakespeare's plays was printed in ?
A). 1616
B). 1660
C). 1623
D). None of these
9). Look Back in Anger was year preformed in year
A). 1955
B). 1956
C). 1957
D). 1958
10). Who is the movement poet
A). Philip Larkin
B). Ted Hughes
C). T.S. Eliot
D). W.H. Auden
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