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Current Affairs-April-2019(I)
1). Nepal-India Franchise Investment Expo scheduled in Kathmandu on May is for ______________ development.
A). entrepreneurship
B). education
C). engineering
D). employment
2). The prestigious award UAE has conferred to PM Modi
A). Zayed medal
B). Seoul
C). Philip kotler
D). Earth
3). Percentage of votes exercised in Maldives parliamentary elections.
A). 77
B). 78
C). 79
D). 80
4). What type of racing is promoted this year in view ofKhmer New Year in Cambodia.
A). horse
B). elephant
C). oxcart
D). bullock
5). “Nation First, Party Next, Self Last” was titled a blog by
A). Sonia Gandhi
B). Narendra Modi
C). Rahul Gandhi
D). Advani

6). India and Chile signs MoU's on three fields
A). medicine, culture and empowerment of persons with disabilities
B). mining, education and empowerment of persons with disabilities
C). mining, culture and empowerment of persons with disabilities
D). mining, culture and education of persons with disabilities
7). More snowfall in Himachal Pradesh this is favorable for cultivating
A). paddy
B). apple
C). rice
D). rasberry
8). Seismology is the study of
A). water
B). earthquakes
C). wind
D). air
9). NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on the 16th Edition of Startup Masterclass Launch Event.said focuss is required on
A). agriculture
B). education
C). minning
D). industry
10). Rs. 2348 crore bank fraud case was filed by CBI on
A). Raigarh Power & Steel
B). Raipur Power & Steel
C). Jindal Power & Steel
D). Bhushan Power & Steel
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