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1). In what ratio must a grocer mix two types of rice costing Rs.7.50 per kg and Rs.10 per kg, respectively, so as to get a mixture worth Rs.8.25 per kg?
A). 4:3
B). 7:3
C). 8:3
D). 2:5
2). In what proportion must a grocer mix wheat at Rs.2.04 per kg and Rs.2.88 per kg so as to make a mixture of worth Rs.2.52 per kg?
A). 2:3
B). 3:2
C). 5:3
D). 3:4
3). A milkman bought 15 L of milk and mixed 3 L of water in it. If the price per kg of the mixture becomes Rs.22, what is cost price of the milk per litre?
A). Rs.28.00
B). Rs.26.40
C). Rs.24.00
D). Rs.22.60
4). A mixture of certain quantity of milk with 8 L of water is worth 45 paise per litre. If pure milk be worth 54 paise per litre, how much milk is there in the mixture?
A). 40 L
B). 35 L
C). 25 L
D). 45 L
5). The ratio of milk and water mixture of four containers are 5 : 3, 2 : 1, 3 : 2 and 7 : 4, respectively. In which container, is the quantity of milk relative to water minimum?
A). First
B). Second
C). Third
D). Fourth

6). A merchant has 2000 kg of rice, one part of which he sells at 36% profit and the rest at 16% profit. He gains 28% on the whole. Find the quantity sold at 16%.
A). 400 kg
B). 300 kg
C). 900 kg
D). 800 kg
7). A trader has 50 kg of pulses, part of which he sells at 8% profit and rest at 18% profit. He gains 14% on the whole. What is the quantity sold at 18% profit?
A). 30 Kg
B). 35 Kg
C). 40 Kg
D). 60 Kg
8). A person had Rs.8400. He lent a part of it at 4% and the remaining at \( \Large 2\frac{1}{3} \)% simple interest. His total annual income was Rs.294. Find the sum he lent at 4%.
A). Rs.2310
B). Rs.2110
C). Rs.2500
D). Rs.2100
9). A merchant had 50 kg of pulse. He sells one part at a profit of 10% and other at 5% loss. Overall he had a gain of 7%. Find the quantity of pulses, which he sold at 10% profit and 5% loss.
A). 40 kg, 10 kg
B). 40 kg. 15 kg
C). 40 kg. 12 kg
D). 40 kg. 9 kg
10). A goldsmith has two qualities of gold, one of 24 carats and another of 32 carats purity. In what proportion should he mix both to make an ornament of 30 carats purity?
A). 1 : 3
B). 2 : 3
C). 3 : 2
D). 1 : 5
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