Compound interest Questions and answers

1). A sum amounts to Rs. 1352 in 2 yr at 4% compound interest. The sum is
A). RS.1250
B). RS.1200
C). RS.1300
D). RS.1260
2). What will be the present worth of RS. 169 due in 2 yr at 4% pa compound interest?
A). RS.156.25
B). RS.160
C). RS.150.50
D). RS.154.75
3). What amount will be received on a sum 0f Rs. 1750 in 2 1/2 Yr, if the interest is compounded at the rate of 8% pa?
A). RS.2125
B). RS.2122.85
C). RS.2100
D). RS.2200
4). What amount will be received on a sum of Rs. 15000 in 1 1/4 yr at 12% pa, if interest is compounded quarterly?
A). RS.16596.88
B). RS.16789.08
C). RS.17630.77
D). RS.17389.12
5). The compound interest on a sum of RS. 4000 becomes RS. 630.50 in 9 months. Find the rate of interest, if interest is compounded quarterly.
A). 20%
B). 23%
C). 19%
D). 21%

6). The population of a city increases at the rate of 5% pa. If the present population of the city is 185220, then what was its population 3 yr ago?
A). 181500
B). 183433
C). 160000
D). 127783
7). The population of a country is 10 crore and it is the possibility that the population will become 13.31 crore in 3 yr. What will be the the annual rate per cent on this growth?
A). 8%
B). 12.7%
C). 10%
D). 15%
8). A sum of RS. 400 amounts to RS. 441 in 2 yr. What will be its amount, if the rate of interest is increased by 5%?
A). RS.484
B). RS.560
C). RS.512
D). RS.560
9). A sum, at the compound rate of interest, becomes 2 1/2 times in 6 yr. The same sum becomes what times in 18 yr?
A). 5/2
B). 25/4
C). 125/8
D). 625/16
10). What is the difference between compound interest and simple interest for 2 yr on the sum of RS. 1250 at 4% pa?
A). RS.3
B). RS.4
C). RS.2
D). RS.8
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