>> Aptitude >> Simple and compound interest
1). What would be the simple interest accrued in 4 yr on a principle of RS. 18440 at the rate 15% per annum?
A). RS.11075 B). RS.12250
C). RS.11500 D). RS.11064
2). Rakesh lent out RS. 8750 at 7% annual interest. Find the simple interest in 3 yr.
A). RS.1870 B). RS.1837.50
C). RS.1560 D). RS.2200
3). What will be simple interest for 1 yr and 4 months on a sum of RS. 25800 at the rate of 14% per annum?
A). RS.4816 B). RS.2580
C). RS.4816.75 D). RS.4815
4). The sum which amounts to RS. 364.80 in 8 yr at 3.5% simple interest per annum is
A). RS.285 B). RS.280
C). RS.275 D). RS.270
5). A sum of Rs. 2668 amounts to Rs. 4669 in 5yr at the rate of simple interest. Find the rate per cent.
A). 15.20% B). 14.90%
C). 16% D). 15%
6). Find the difference in amount and principal for RS. 4000 at the rate of 5% annual interest in 4 yr.
A). RS.865.50 B). RS.865
C). RS.400 D). RS.800
7). Kriya deposits an amount of RS. 65800 to obtain a simple interest at the rate of 14% per annum for 4 yr. What total amount will Kriya get at the end of 4 yr?
A). RS.102648 B). RS.115246
C). RS.125578 D). RS.110324
8). A sum becomes its double in 10 yr. Find the annual rate of simple interest.
A). 1% B). 5%
C). 10% D). 20%
9). A certain sum becomes 3 fold at 4% annual rate of interest. At what rate, it will become 6 fold?
A). 10% B). 12%
C). 8% D). 9%
10). A sum becomes 6 fold at 5% per annum. At what rate, the sum becomes 12 fold?
A). 10% B). 12%
C). 9% D). 11%