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1). In which battle did Maharana Sanga defeat Ibrahim Lodhi?
A). Battle of Khatoli B). Battle of Sarangpur
C). Battle of Siwana D). Battle of Khanva
2). The name of the last Caliph of Baghdad appeared for the first time on coins of
A). Qutub ud din Aibak B). lltutmish
C). Alauddin Khalji D). Alauddin Masud Shah
3). What was Abwab?
A). Toll tax. B). Religion tax such as Zakat.
C). Tax on merchandise and custom duties. D). Miscellaneous kinds of taxes like the house tax, grazing tax, irrigation tax etc.
4). The term used for measurement of land in the Delhi Sultanate Period was
A). Kismat-i-Ghalla B). Ghalla Bakshi
C). Masahat D). Ghazi
5). The Lodhi dynasty was founded by
A). lbrahim Lodhi B). Sikandar Lodhi
C). Bahlol Lodhi D). Khizr Khan
6). Arrange the following in chronological order of their times period
1. Tughlaqs
2. Lodhis
3. Sayyids
4. llbari Turks
5. Khaljis

A). 1,2,3,4,5 B). 5,4,3,2,1
C). 2,4,5,3,1 D). 4,5,1,3,2
7). Which one of the following is correct?
A). (a) Result of Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq policy of increasing tax in the Doab was that the cultivators abondoned their lands and took to highway robbery B). (b) The result of Mohammad bin Tughlaq's policy of increasing tax in Doab was that the agriculture in Doab suffered a Serious setback
C). (c) The result of Mohammad bin Tughlaq's policy of increasing tax in Doab was that the Sultan become very popular with the people D). (d) All of the above
8). Which Mongol leader's, ambassadors were respected and honoured by Balban in 1529,
during the reign of Nasiruddin Mohammad Shah?

A). Tair B). Halaku
C). Qutlugh Khwaja D). Sald
9). Which of the following are true about Alauddin khilji?
A). Alauddin Khilji did not annex the South Indian States B). He did not let Ulemas to interfere in the matters of the states .
C). He never applied for investitute (Manshur) by the Caliph D). All of the above
10). Which of the dynasties ruled for the shortest period of time during to course of the Delhi Sultanate?
A). Slave dynasty B). Khilji dynasty
C). Sayyid dynasty D). Lodhi dynasty