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1). Which monument in India is the memorial to the unknown soldier?
A). India Gate
B). Shakti Sthal
C). Victoria Memorial
D). None of the above
2). Maximum spoken language in the world is :
A). Hindi
B). English
C). Mandarin Chinese
D). Spanish
3). In India, maximum number of newspapers are published in :
A). Hindi
B). Bengali
C). English
D). Malayalam
4). Consider the following statements :
In the case of hijacking of a plane, the hijackers can be prosecuted in the :
1. Country to which the plane belongs
2. Country from where it has been hijacked
3. International Court of Justice
Which of these statements are correct?

A). 1 and 2
B). 2 and 3
C). 1 and 3
D). 1, 2 and 3
5). The fragments of which of the following comet systems collided with Jupiter in July 1994?
A). Shouting-Levy 9
B). Levy 9
C). Gelileo-7
D). Shoemaker-Levy 9

6). The official language of Lakshadweep, a Union Territory of India is :
A). Tamil
B). Hindi
C). Malayalam
D). Telugu
7). India's national animal and bird respectively are :
A). Deer and Parrot
B). Lion and Cuckoo
C). Elephant and Eagle
D). Tiger and Peacock
8). The largest automobile manufacturing centre in the world is located at :
A). Detroit
B). Tokyo
C). Birmingham
D). Berlin
9). Consider the following statements with reference to power generation in India :
1. The hydroelectric power generation is around 30% of thermal power generation.
2. The overall plant load factor is around 70%.
3. The total power generation capacity in India around 1.06 lakh MW.
Which of these statements is /are correct?

A). 1 and 2
B). 2 only
C). 3 only
D). 2 and 3
10). With reference to Indian transport systems, consider the following statements:
1. Indian railway system is the largest in the world.
2. National Highways cater to 45 percent of the total road transport demand.
3. Among the states, Kerala has the highest density of surface road.
4. National Highway No.7 is the longest in the country.
Which of these statements are correct?

A). 1 and 2
B). 1 and 3
C). 2 and 3
D). 2 and 4
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