LIC AAO Questions and answers

  1. Exams
    1. TNPSC
    2. Bank Exams
      1. RBI Grade B
      2. IBPS PO-Main Exam
      3. IBPS PO-Prelims
      4. IBPS Clerk-Prelims
      5. IBPS SO IT
      6. SBI ASSO PO
      7. IBPS Clerk
      8. LIC AAO
      9. SBI Associates Clerk
      10. IBPS PO-Prelims1
      11. IBPS PO-Prelims2
      12. IBPS clerk-Prelims2
      13. SBI JuniorAssociate
      14. Bank Of Baroda-Probationary officer
      15. NABARD Assistant Manager-Preliminary Examination
      16. IBPS RRB-Preliminary Exam
      17. IBPS Clerk-Preliminary Exam
      18. IBPS PO-Prelims3
      19. IBPS Clerk1
      20. IBPS PO-Prelims4
      21. IBPS Clerk2
      22. SBI JuniorAssociates-Prelims
      23. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      24. SBI JuniorAssociate-1
      25. SBI JuniorAssociate-2
      26. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      27. SBI PO-Prelims
      28. SBI JuniorAssociate-3
      29. SBI JuniorAssociate-4
      30. SBI JuniorAssociate-5
      31. SBI JuniorAssociate-6
      32. SBI PO-Main Exam
      33. SBI JuniorAssociate-7
      34. SBI JuniorAssociate-8
      35. SBI PO-Prelims2
      36. SBI PO-Prel
      81). 880 MW Kaiga Atomic Power Plant is situated near the river kali in the Indian State of ..........
      A). Tamil Nadu
      B). Kerala
      C). Andhra Pradesh
      D). Karnatak
      E). Maharashtra
      82). The currency of the 'Republic of South Africa' is ...........
      A). Rand
      B). Rial
      C). Ruble
      D). Riyal
      E). Rial
      83). 'Fugdi' is a traditional folk dance popular in the Indian State of :
      A). Goa
      B). Bihar
      C). Odisha
      D). Chattisgarh
      E). Gujarat
      84). The 'CNSA' is the national space agency of ..........
      A). Soviet Union
      B). Republic of Singapore
      C). Russian Federation
      D). People's Republic of China
      E). United States of America
      85). In the recent Union Budget 2015, the Union Minister of Finance has proposed to support the 'Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana' which aims to boost :
      A). Floriculture Production
      B). Drip Irrigation
      C). Watershed Development
      D). Minor Irrigation
      E). Organic Farming

      86). The RBI has recently allowed Indians to carry high value denomination notes while travelling to Nepal and Bhutan within a limit of ...........
      A). Rs.20,000/-
      B). Rs.30,000/-
      C). Rs.35,000/-
      D). Rs.25,000/-
      E). Rs.40,000/-
      87). Reliance infrastructure with its wholly-owned subsidiary Reliance Defence Systems Private Ltd. has recently announced the acquisition of Pipavav Defence Company Limited based in ...........
      A). Tamil Nadu
      B). Maharashtra
      C). Goa
      D). Kerala
      E). Gujarat
      88). The abbreviation 'CSR' stands for :
      A). Collective Social Responsibility
      B). Collective Shared Responsibility
      C). Corporate Social Responsibility
      D). Corporate Shared Responsibility
      E). Commercial Shared Responsibility
      89). For highlighting women's safety, the National Insurance of gender justice has recently honoured film actress .........
      A). Rani Mukherji
      B). Vidya Balan
      C). IIaya Bachchan
      D). Priyanka Chopra
      E). Hema Malini
      90). The global meet on countering Violent Extremism was recently held in ...........
      A). London, UK
      B). New York, USA
      C). Washington. USA
      D). Ottawa, Canada
      E). Paris, France
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