SBI JuniorAssociate-8 Questions and answers

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      Directions (1-5) : Rearrange the given six sentences/group of words in a proper sequence so as to farm a meaningful paragraph.
      A. Basic human needs also include a sense of belongingness, a feeling of control over one's life.
      B. Motivation and inspiration energize people into action.
      C. Ability to live up to one's ideals besides all these are also a fundamental need.
      D. This is done not by pushing them in the right direction as control mechanisms.
      E. Such feelings touch us deeply and elicit powerful response.
      F. But it is done by satisfying basic human needs for achievement.
      1). Which of the following should be the FIFTH sentence after the rearrangement ?
      A). A
      B). C
      C). D
      D). E
      E). B
      2). Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after the rearrangement ?
      A). A
      B). B
      C). C
      D). D
      E). F
      3). Which of the following should be the SIXTH (LAST) sentence after the rearrangement ?
      A). A
      B). B
      C). C
      D). D
      E). E
      4). Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after the rearrangement?
      A). A
      B). B
      C). D
      D). E
      E). C
      5). Which of the following should be the FOURTH sentence after the rearrangement ?
      A). A
      B). B
      C). D
      D). E
      E). C

      Directions (6-10) : In the following questions, a sentence with four words in bold type is given. One of these words given in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the word which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate, if any. That word is your answer. If all the words given in bold are correctly spelt and also appropriate in the context of the sentence, select 'All correct' as your answer.
      6). A flock of crows has been circling the tree and was feeding the entangled bird after it got stack
      A). flock
      B). circling
      C). entangled
      D). stuck
      E). All correct
      7). Residing at a rented place and with no steady income, the couple found it difficult to evenly pay. the house rent and feared that they would soon be thrown out of the house.
      A). rented
      B). steady
      C). evenly
      D). thrown
      E). All correct
      8). A recent survey has found that the water in Gadavari is unfit for bathing and that the city is unfriendly, unsafe and lacs visitor-friendly amenities.
      A). survey
      B). bathing
      C). lacs
      D). amenities
      E). All correct
      9). The mustard crop has Just flowered and if conditions are wind it would damage the flower and consequently cause a bad crap.
      A). flowered
      B). wind
      C). consequently
      D). bad
      E). All correct
      10). Residents of almost every colony suffer a common plite-potholed roads, overflowing sewage spilling over on roads, garbage dumps on roadsides and roads in a state of construction for prolonged periods.
      A). plite
      B). overflowing
      C). roadsides
      D). prolonged
      E). All correct
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