SBI JuniorAssociate Questions and answers

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      Directions (1-5) : Read the given passage carefully and answer the given questions. Some words have been given in bold to help you locate them while answering some questions.

      Once something serious happens to us, we want our lives to magically return to what we once were and what we once knew. Just like when our car is broken, we want someone to fix it, when faced with a major illness or injury we should want it fixed. Certainly there are areas that need to be addressed, like the ability to walk or remember. For these we have therapies, occupational, physical, speech and so on. But, we have to ask ourselves is that all there is ?
      Sometimes we forget we are people with needs and desires who want to live full lives. Instead, we concentrate on the things that are most visible. The reasoning is that once we get our skills and abilities back we will be on track to recapturing our lives. However, does this allow us to live a fulfilled life ? Our long term goal shouldn't be just to be able to perform tasks and chores, but to function as complete human beings. I'm not saying stop going to therapies or forget about wanting to get better. What I am saying is that maybe we should stop looking at ourselves as broken.
      To do this we must give up some of our expectations that are based on how we used to be and begin to adapt to our new abilities. That requires learning how to be comfortable in your own skin. This is something I have been doing since my brain injury in order to live a complete life and discover who I am.
      1). Which of the following can be said about the author as per the given passage ?

      A. The author is optimistic and looks at life situations positively.

      B. The author's opinions have been formed by experience.

      C. The author believes that healing the mind is as important as healing the body.

      A). B and C
      B). All A, B and C
      C). A and C
      D). Only B
      E). Only A
      2). Which of the given options represent the word most similar to BROKEN as mentioned in the passage ?
      A). Aggressive
      B). None of the given options
      C). Arrogant
      D). Misguided
      E). Ignored
      3). Which of the following is true as per the given passage ?
      A). The concept of a 'complete life' is a myth.
      B). None of the given options is true as per the given passage.
      C). Had our body been completely repairable as machines are we would never face mental trauma.
      D). After a serious injury one must only focus on regaining physical strength.
      E). Treatment for a serious illness can be avoided if we are mentally strong.
      4). What according to the author must be done in order to live a fulfilled life after a major setback ?

      A. Give up unrealistic expectations of regarding all the lost skills.

      B. Focus only on our visible physical progress

      C. Be comfortable with our weaknesses and the changes in us.

      A). All A, B and C
      B). Only A
      C). B and C
      D). Only B
      E). A and C
      5). Which of the following options is the central idea of the passage ?
      A). Once we undergo a major illness or injury we should stop focusing on our wants and desires.
      B). Our life becomes meaningless once there are restrictions on our health as we are unable to perform certain chores.
      C). It is important to lead a good life while we are young as with age we may lose our capacities to function as before.
      D). We must accept the situations as they come and the restrictions they bring along.
      E). Accepting limitations is a big impediment in the process of achieving desirable change.

      Directions (6 - 10) : In the given questions, a sentence is given, a part of which has been highlighted in bold. Below the sentence options have been given. Select the option which will make the sentence grammatically and meaningfully correct. If the sentence is correct as it is, then mark 'No correction required' as the answer.
      6). The longer you wait to work towards achieving your dream the more distant it becomes.
      A). find your dream
      B). attaining your goal
      C). No correction required
      D). achieving the aspirations
      E). attainment your driving force
      7). The archaeologist who has been selected to lead the expedition does not have adequate experience for the same
      A). were selected to
      B). needs to be selected for
      C). No correction required
      D). will be selection to
      E). can be selection for
      8). Parents always looking out for their children no matter how much they disagree with them.
      A). look out for
      B). look to
      C). looks out for
      D). looking at
      E). No correction required
      9). Had I known what was to be done, it will be over by now.
      A). could been
      B). must be
      C). would have been
      D). have been
      E). No correction required
      10). Most people rely on others for appreciation but the appreciation which came from within is what matters the most.
      A). belongs within
      B). emerges from within
      C). down from inside
      D). No correction required
      E). comes for set
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