SBI PO-Prelims2 Questions and answers

Directions (1-10) : Which of the phrases given against the sentences should replace the word/phrase given in bold in each sentence to make it grammatically correct ? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, select 'No correction required' as the answer.
1). The presence of new players on the basketball team is to additionally attract for the audience.
A). with add attraction
B). for adding attractive
C). as added attraction
D). of adding attraction
E). No correction required
2). The dire need of amusement to escape boredom made him cultivate various hobbies.
A). escaped boredom
B). as escaping boredom
C). escapes bored
D). for escape being bored
E). No correction required
3). We were credibly informed that the Conman has gave himself to the police.
A). given over
B). give himself in
C). given himself over
D). given himself up
E). No correction required
4). We tempted Karen with many promises but nothing would Worked her up.
A). working with her
B). Works her over
C). works upon her
D). work on her
E). No correction required
5). The soil of India saw growths of one of the oldest culture in the world that is the Harappan Civilization.
A). seen the growth
B). saw the growth
C). had saw growing
D). see the growths
E). No correction required

6). A renowned organisation has recent appointed a highly acclaimed scientist to head new research and development assistant.
A). recently appointed
B). a recent appointed
C). is to appoint
D). to recently appointed an
E). No correction required
7). The serene lush green slope of the hill station make it up ideal venue for the meditation camp.
A). making so ideal
B). is ideal for
C). makes it an ideal
D). as of ideal
E). No correction required
8). Taking good care of yourself is paramount for succession of your goals.
A). about being a success.
B). to the Success
C). about being successful
D). to 'succeed'
E). No correction required
9). The tambourine to gain popularity in the mid 18th century in Western Europe as an orchestral instrument.
A). was been popular
B). have popularity
C). has being popular
D). gained popularity
E). No correction required
10). Varun advised Aman that give off wrong pleasure is not self-sacrifice but self-culture.
A). gave up
B). gives away
C). giving through
D). giving up
E). No correction required
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