LIC AAO Questions and answers

  1. Exams
    1. TNPSC
    2. Bank Exams
      1. RBI Grade B
      2. IBPS PO-Main Exam
      3. IBPS PO-Prelims
      4. IBPS Clerk-Prelims
      5. IBPS SO IT
      6. SBI ASSO PO
      7. IBPS Clerk
      8. LIC AAO
      9. SBI Associates Clerk
      10. IBPS PO-Prelims1
      11. IBPS PO-Prelims2
      12. IBPS clerk-Prelims2
      13. SBI JuniorAssociate
      14. Bank Of Baroda-Probationary officer
      15. NABARD Assistant Manager-Preliminary Examination
      16. IBPS RRB-Preliminary Exam
      17. IBPS Clerk-Preliminary Exam
      18. IBPS PO-Prelims3
      19. IBPS Clerk1
      20. IBPS PO-Prelims4
      21. IBPS Clerk2
      22. SBI JuniorAssociates-Prelims
      23. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      24. SBI JuniorAssociate-1
      25. SBI JuniorAssociate-2
      26. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      27. SBI PO-Prelims
      28. SBI JuniorAssociate-3
      29. SBI JuniorAssociate-4
      30. SBI JuniorAssociate-5
      31. SBI JuniorAssociate-6
      32. SBI PO-Main Exam
      33. SBI JuniorAssociate-7
      34. SBI JuniorAssociate-8
      35. SBI PO-Prelims2
      36. SBI PO-Prel
      111). The digital telecommunications term ISDN is an abbreviation for :
      A). International Services Digital Network
      B). Integrated Standard Digital Networks
      C). Internet Services Data Network
      D). Interactive Standard Dynamic Networks
      E). Integrated Services Digital Network
      112). Verification of login name and password is known as .........
      A). Logging in
      B). Alienation
      C). Certification
      D). Authentication
      E). Con?guration
      113). If you change Windows 98 operating system to Windows XP, you are performing a(n) ..........
      A). Push up
      B). Patch
      C). Upgrade
      D). Update
      E). Pull down
      114). While using MS Word, which key deletes text before. or to the left of the insertion point?
      A). Escape
      B). Delete
      C). Backspace
      D). Page clown
      E). Page up
      115). The minimum number of rows and columns in M5 W0rd document is .........
      A). 1 and 2
      B). 1 and 1
      C). 2 and 2
      D). 2 and 1
      E). 3 and 3

      116). VoIP stands for ..........
      A). Voice Over Internet Protocol
      B). Visual Object Integration Protocol
      C). Virtual Object Integration Program
      D). Virtual Object Integration Protocol
      E). Voice Object Integration Program
      117). Which of the following place the common data elements in order front smallest to largest?
      A). Character, record, field, database, file
      B). Character, file, record, field, database
      C). Character, record, field, file. database
      D). Character, field, record, file, database
      E). Database, file, record, field, character
      118). Which of the following is not an output device in computer organization?
      A). Plotter
      B). Speaker
      C). Scanner
      D). Monitor
      E). Pinter
      119). The process of writing computer instructions in a programming language is known as ...........
      A). Algorithming
      B). Processing
      C). File
      D). Instructioning
      E). Coding
      120). Which language is directly understood by the computer without translation program?
      A). High level language
      B). Low level language
      C). Middle level language
      D). Assembly language
      E). Machine language
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