LIC AAO Questions and answers

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      1. RBI Grade B
      2. IBPS PO-Main Exam
      3. IBPS PO-Prelims
      4. IBPS Clerk-Prelims
      5. IBPS SO IT
      6. SBI ASSO PO
      7. IBPS Clerk
      8. LIC AAO
      9. SBI Associates Clerk
      10. IBPS PO-Prelims1
      11. IBPS PO-Prelims2
      12. IBPS clerk-Prelims2
      13. SBI JuniorAssociate
      14. Bank Of Baroda-Probationary officer
      15. NABARD Assistant Manager-Preliminary Examination
      16. IBPS RRB-Preliminary Exam
      17. IBPS Clerk-Preliminary Exam
      18. IBPS PO-Prelims3
      19. IBPS Clerk1
      20. IBPS PO-Prelims4
      21. IBPS Clerk2
      22. SBI JuniorAssociates-Prelims
      23. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      24. SBI JuniorAssociate-1
      25. SBI JuniorAssociate-2
      26. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      27. SBI PO-Prelims
      28. SBI JuniorAssociate-3
      29. SBI JuniorAssociate-4
      30. SBI JuniorAssociate-5
      31. SBI JuniorAssociate-6
      32. SBI PO-Main Exam
      33. SBI JuniorAssociate-7
      34. SBI JuniorAssociate-8
      35. SBI PO-Prelims2
      36. SBI PO-Prel
      91). What does the acronym PDF stand for?
      A). Portable Documenting Format
      B). Portable Documentation File
      C). Portable Documentation Format
      D). Portable Document Format
      E). Portable Document File
      92). LSI in chip technology stands for :
      A). Large-Scale Integration
      B). Low-Scale Integration
      C). Local-Scale Integration
      D). Large-Scale Internet
      E). Low-Scale Integration
      93). Which of the following best describes a network in which a company's data and applications are stored at offsite data centers that are accessed over the Internet?
      A). Extranet
      B). Intranet
      C). Virtual Private Network
      D). Cloud Computing
      E). Local Area Network
      94). Which of the following is not a binary number?
      A). 110
      B). 1001
      C). 100110
      D). 233
      E). 11101
      95). Micro Processor speed is measured in .........
      A). megabytes
      B). bytes
      C). kilobytes
      D). gigabytes
      E). gigahertz

      96). ....... .. is a computer hardware component that connects a computer to computer network.
      A). Networking Internet Connection
      B). Newer Industrial Computer
      C). Network Integration Card
      D). Network Internal Card
      E). Network Interface Card
      97). A hard disk drive consists of several fixed, rotating disks called ....... ..
      A). platters
      B). RAlDs
      C). cylinders
      D). plotters
      E). mini-disks
      98). Which of the following is the correct order of the four major functions of a computer?
      A). Process, Storage, Input. Output
      B). Input, Process, Output, Storage
      C). Process. Output. Input. Storage
      D). Storage, Output, Process, Input
      E). Input, Output, Process. Storage
      99). What does the acronym PROM stand for ?
      A). Programmer Read-Only Memory
      B). Programmable Read-Only Memory
      C). Programmable Read-Once Memory
      D). Program Read-Only Memory
      E). Programmed Read-Only Memory
      100). Which of the following is an electronic or paper log used to track computer activity?
      A). Monitor
      B). Trace route
      C). Cookie
      D). Audit trail
      E). Weblog
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