SBI PO-Prelims Questions and answers

Directions [1-10]: Which of the phrases given against the sentences should replace the word/phrase given in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, select 'No correction required' as the answer.
1). Progress is necessary, but by responsibly development, we will be the agents of our own destruction.
A). without responsible development
B). despite of responsible development
C). for responsible develop
D). following responsibility development
E). No correction required
2). Plucking and feast from fresh, detectable berries in Anna's a favorite childhood memory.
A). feasting
B). feasting on
C). feast upon
D). feasted with
E). No correction required
3). The indigenous and ingenious boat-making tradition that once thrived in India, is now well its way by.
A). on its way out.
B). its way to
C). its way over
D). is on its way
E). No correction required
4). The research team, which includes some well-known names, is very optimistic, in the process.
A). by the process
B). about the process
C). beyond the process
D). through the process
E). No correction required
5). Curiosity has played important role around advancement of the human species.
A). feasting
B). to advance the
C). of the advanced
D). in the advancement
E). No correction required

6). The role of banks in economic development is to removed deficit of capital by stimulating savings and investment.
A). have removed deficiency
B). remove the deficiency
C). remove away deficient
D). removing deficit
E). No correction required
7). During the carnival anyone can set up a temporary restaurant in their backyard or at street and sell their specialities to passers-by.
A). down street
B). before street
C). by the street
D). across street
E). No correction required
8). A team of European scientists placed a spacecraft into orbit around Mars to hunt for signs of life below.
A). as to hunt sign
B). hunting about signs
C). be hunted by signs
D). hunt following sign
E). No correction required
9). The public sector banks exercise a degree of discrimination of optimum utilise of the financial resources of the community.
A). on optimising utility
B). by optimally utilising
C). to optimum utilise
D). for optimum utilisation
E). No correction required
10). Observing that when the markets are in a buoyant state, the retail investor tends to jump in and invest in the market.
A). To observe
B). An observation
C). It is observed
D). By observing
E). No correction required
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