IBPS PO-Main Exam Questions and answers

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      161). The Head of the Reserve Bank of India is officially known as ______
      A). Managing Director (MD) of RBI
      B). Chief Executive of RBI
      C). President of RBI
      D). Governor of RBI
      E). Executive Director of RBI
      162). India has different categories of commercial banks. Which of the following is not a commercial bank?
      A). Foreign Banks
      B). Commodity Banks
      C). Nationalized Banks
      D). Private Banks
      E). Co-operative Banks

      In case of failed ATM transactions, if the amount is not credited to a customer's account within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Banks have to pay compensation at the rate of Rs____ per day.

      A). 150
      B). 200
      C). 100
      D). 10
      E). 5
      164). The green revolution in India was the outcome of the efforts of who amongst the following?
      A). Dr. Ramesh Mohan
      B). Dr. C. Rangaraian
      C). Mr. K.V. Kamath
      D). Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
      E). Other than those given as options
      165). Fiscal Policy Is concerned with which of the following?
      A). Public Revenue and Expenditure
      B). Issue of currency
      C). Education for all
      D). Population control
      E). Export and Import

      166). Which of the following is the scheme for leadership development of minority women?
      A). Nai Rahen
      B). Nai Ummed
      C). Nai Roshni
      D). Nai Subah
      E). Naya Savera
      167). Which one of the following is known as 'Demat' account ?
      A). Account in which shares are held in electronic form
      B). Other than those given as options
      C). Account allowed to be operated by guardian of minor
      D). Account operated by business correspondents in rural centres
      E). Account opened with zero balance
      168). The maximum amount that can be remitted through RTGS is ______
      A). Rs.1 crore
      B). Rs.50.00 lacs
      C). Rs. 2.00 lacs
      D). Rs.10.00 lacs
      E). No upper ceiling
      169). Lionel Messi who was in the news recently for his contribution to football, plays from ______
      A). Argentina
      B). Germany
      C). Spain
      D). Brazil
      E). Other than those given as options
      170). Which of the following is the full form of PURA ?
      A). Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas
      B). Programme on Urban Rural Association
      C). Preferential and Uniform Rea-enforcement Act .
      D). Perfect Urban Rural Association
      E). Other than those given as opt
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