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  1. General Knowledge
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    6. Indian Polity
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51). Consider the following abbreviations
1. SlTA : Suppression of immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act
2. SLV : Satellite Launch Vehicle
3. NASDAQ : National Association of Security Dealers Active Quotation
Which of the above is incorrectly abbreviated?

A). Only 1
B). Only 2
C). Only 3
D). None of the above
52). CDMA-technology used in Mobile Phones stands for
A). Computer Developed Management Application
B). Code Division Multiple Application
C). Code Division Multiple Access
D). Code Division Mobile Application
53). Consider the following UN Organisations.
1. UNEP : United Nations Educational Programme
2. UNESCO : United Nations Economic Society and Cultural Organisation
3. UNFPA : United Nations Fund for Population Activities
4. UNHCR : United Nations High Commission for Refugees
Which of the above is wrongly abbreviated?

A). 1 and 2
B). 2 and 3
C). 3 and 4
D). 1 and 4
54). Consider the following statements. ,
1. BENELUX is known as Belgium. Netherlands and Luxembourg.
2. BIMSTEC is Known as Bangladesh, lndia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation
Which of the above statements is/are wrong?

A). Only 1
B). Only 2
C). Both 1 and 2
D). Neither 1 or 2
55). Consider the following.
1. NEFA : North East Frontier Agency
2. NEPA : National Environment Protection Authority
3. NFDC : National Film Development Corporation
Which of the above is rightly abbreviated?

A). 1 and 2
B). 2 and 3
C). 3 and 1
D). All of these

56). FIMMDA stands for
A). Foreign Investment Markets & Derivatives Market Association
B). Fixed Income Money Markets & Derivatives Association
C). Fixed Income & Money market Development Association
D). Floating income & Money Markets Derivative Assets
57). Expand the term SWIFT.
A). Society for Worldwide Telecommunications
B). Society for the Worldwide interbank Financial Telecommunications
C). Society for worldwide international Financial Transfers
D). Society for worldwide lnterbrain Fiscal Transactions
58). Nabhah Sprsam Diptam is the motto of
A). Central industrial Security Force
B). Indian Air Force
D). Indian Navy
59). PDA stands for
A). Personal Digital Assistant
B). Personal Development Agency
C). Personal Data Authority
D). Personal Data Array
60). Consider the following and find the rightly abbreviated?
1. AGOC : Asian Games Organisation Committee
2. AICC : All India Congress Committee
3. AICTE : All India Council of Technical Education
4. AIDS : Acquired lmmuno Deficiency Syndrome

A). 1 and 2
B). 2 and 3
C). 3 and 4
D). All of the above .
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