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1). The United Nations is considered as a universal organisation. Which organ of rhe united nations fully represents the fact?
A). The Economic and Social Council
B). The Security Council
C). The Secretariat
D). The General Assembly
2). Which organ of the United Nations has ceased to be operational?
A). Economic and Social Council
B). International Court of Justice
C). Trusteeship Council
D). Secretariat
3). United Nations adapted a Charter of Economic Rights in the year
A). 1969
B). 1974
C). 1956
D). 1964
4). India was elected as a President of General Assembly of the United Nations in 1953. Who occupied this office on behalf of India?
A). S. Radha Krishnan
B). Gopalswamy Iyyengar
C). V.K. Krishna Menon
D). Vijayalakshmi Pandit
5). The headquarters of World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is located in
A). Paris
B). Madrid
C). New York
D). Geneva

6). Besides UK, USA, Germany and Japan the G-7 countries includes
A). Canada, France and Russia
B). Canada, Italy and Netherlands
C). France, Netherlands and Russia
D). Canada, France and Italy
7). Which UN body deals with population problem?
8). The headquarters of the UNESCO is at
A). Rome
B). Geneva
C). New York
D). Paris
9). Which is principal organ of the United Nations that as virtually accomplished its object?
A). The Security Council
B). The General Assembly
C). The International Court of Justice
D). The Trusteeship Council
10). Which of the following describe correctly the Group of Seven Countries (G-7)?
A). They are developing countries
B). They are industrialised countries
C). They are holding Atomic Bomb technology
D). They are countries who can launch their own satellites
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