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Once upon an unfortunate time, there was a hairy thing called 'man' . along with him was a hairier thing called 'animal'. Man had a larger brain which made him think he was superior to animals. Some men thought they were superior to others. They became leader men. Leader men said 'We have no need to work: we will kill animals to eat.' So they did. Man increased and animals decreased. Eventually leader men said, 'There are not enough animals left to eat. We must grow our own food.' So man grew food. Everywhere man killed all wild life. Soon there was none and all the birds were poisoned. Leader men said, 'At last we are free of pests.'
Man's numbers increased. The world became crowded with men. They all had to sleep standing up. One day a leader man saw some new creatures eating his crops. The creature's name was 'the starving people'. These creature are a menace!' said the leader man.

61). 'we have no need to work' said the leader man because
A). they would kill animals and eat
B). they had no strength
C). they were rich
D). they were lazy
62). The hero of the story is
A). Leader man
B). Wild life
C). Man
D). Pests
63). Man thought he was superior to other creatures because
A). he did not have to work
B). he could kill other animals for food
C). he was able to grow food
D). he had a larger brain
64). Men had to sleep standing up as
A). they felt lazy to stretch themselves
B). they felt proud to sleep standing up
C). there was population explosion
D). they had no time to lie down
65). Pick out a suitable title for the passage.
A). Man, the dictator
B). Man, the roof of creation
C). Man, the supreme lord
D). The tyrant Man

The great advantage of early rising is the good start it gives for one's daily work. The early riser is able to complete a lot of work before others even get out of their bed . As the mind is fresh in the morning, free from distractions, one is able to do quality work. One is able, if so inclined, to have early morning exercises which keep one energetic throughout the day. Thus one completes one's work during the day without hurrying much and is left with time in the evening for play or entertainment or relaxation by a leisurely walk. This leads to a good night's rest after which one is able to rise fresh the next morning to face another day.

66). An early riser is able to complete his work without hurrying because
A). he is energetic after morning exercises
B). he has time to complete his work
C). he has time to plan in the morning
D). he does not get distracted
67). An early riser gets ample time in the evening to
A). take a short nap
B). take a leisurely walk
C). chat with friends
D). be with the family
68). Going to bed early is good for health because
A). one feels energetic
B). one does feel sleepy in the morning
C). one feels healthy
D). one feels refreshed in the morning
69). How does early rising affect one's day?
A). Makes one energetic
B). Makes one enthusiastic
C). Makes one feel happy
D). Makes one finish one's work
70). An early riser gets his work done well because
A). he is able to do a lot of work
B). his mind is fresh, free from distractions
C). he feels fresh
D). he is able to able to go for a morning walk
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