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1). Every piece of furniture in her house in an apple-pie order
A). very neatly arranged
B). painted in light colours
C). kept in a disorganised way
D). very delicately arranged
2). My friend got the sack from his first job.
A). resigned
B). got tired to
C). was demoted
D). was dismissed
3). He is a silver tongued doctor and patients listen to him.
A). speaking in a helpful but authoritative language
B). speaking in a way that make people angry
C). speaking in a way that annoy or bore the people
D). Speaking in a way that charms of persuade
4). His prodigal son was a constant source of trouble to him.
A). given into bad habits
B). poor and miserly
C). extravagant
D). step-son
5). To go hard with one.
A). to remain neutral
B). to be busy over trifles
C). to be unreliable
D). to prove a serious matter

6). Nobody could see through the design of that wily fellow.
A). learn the aim go
B). know the antecedents
C). know the secret
D). be aware of the trick
7). To smell a rat
A). to see hidden meaning
B). to smell bad odour
C). to misunderstand
D). to suspect a trick or deceit
8). It was not long before the captain of the ship decided to weigh anchor that a sudden storm overtook the ship
A). estimate the load in the ship
B). prepare to sail again
C). unload the ship to keep balance
D). drop the anchor
9). To set the Thames of fire
A). to wreak evil on something
B). to destroy with fire
C). to do a heroic deed
D). to try to do the impossible
10). This regular absenteeism is a bad business since no work is being completed.
A). bad for business
B). unbusiness like
C). an unfortunate event
D). creating ill will
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