SSC Practice test(2) Questions and answers


This SSC Exam Sample question paper consists of the below sections.

General Intelligence and Reasoning
General Awareness
Quantitative Aptitude
English Comprehension

51). The South - East trade winds are attracted towards the Indian sub-continent in the rainy season due to
A). the effect of easterlies
B). the effect of Northern-East trade winds
C). the presence of low atmospheric pressure over North-West lndia.
D). the development of cyclone over the equator
52). The 'graded profile' of a river course is a
A). smooth curve in the upper course
B). smooth curve in the middle course
C). smooth curve in the lower course
D). smooth curve from source to mouth
53). Sink hole is a phenomenon of ............ topography
A). Desert
B). Tundra
C). Karst
D). Plain
54). Kerala is famous for the cultivation of
A). Coconut    B). Black-pepper
C). Rubber      D). Rice

A). 1, 2, 4
B). 2, 3, 4
C). 1, 4
D). 1, 2, 3
55). The longest continental Railway in the world is
A). Trans Siberian Railway
B). Canadian Pacific Railway
C). Canadian National Railway
D). Trans Atlantic Railway

56). Photoperiodism affects
A). Flowering
B). Vegetative growth
C). Fruiting
D). All of these
57). Match the following
A. Ascorbic acid  1. Photosynthetic pigment
B. Chlorophyll  2. Quencher
C. Carotenoid  3. Enzyme
D. Superoxide  4. Vitamin - C


A). 4 3 1 3
B). 2 4 1 3
C). 4 1 3 2
D). 4 1 2 3
58). Allantois of Embryo helps in
A). respiration
B). excretion
C). protection
D). digestion
59). Which one of the following animals belongs to mollusca?
A). Hare
B). Hydra
C). Hyla
D). Haliotis
60). Outside the nucleus DNA is found in
A). Mitochondria
B). Ribosome
C). Endoplasmic reticulum
D). Golgi bodies
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