SSC Practice test(2) Questions and answers


This SSC Exam Sample question paper consists of the below sections.

General Intelligence and Reasoning
General Awareness
Quantitative Aptitude
English Comprehension

Directions : In the following Five questions, select the missing number from the given responses.
3   2
4   24
2   -1
-2   4
6   5
0   ?

A). 30
B). 11
C). 0
D). 1
22). 7     5     3
8     4     9
2     8     ?
112 160 162

A). 4
B). 6
C). 8
D). 12
23). Pinky walks a distance of 600 mtr towards east, turns left and moves 500 mtr, then turns left and walks 600 mtr and then turns left again and moves 500 mtr and halts. At what distance in metres is she from the starting point?
A). 2200
B). 500
C). 0
D). 600
24). Sunita rode her scooty northwards, then turned left and then again rode to her left 4 km. She found herself exactly 2 kms west of her starting point. How far did she ride northwards initially ?
A). 2 km
B). 4 km
C). 5 km
D). 6 km
Directions : In the following Two questions, one statement is given followed by two conclusions l and ll. You have to consider the statement to be true, even if it seems to be at variance from commonly known facts. You are to decide which of the given conclusions can definitely be drawn from the given statement. Indicate your answer.
25). Statement: Every school should promote partnerships that will increase parental involvement and participation for promoting the growth of children.
Conclusion I : For the growth of the children, parents should be involved in various
school activities.
Conclusion II: Involvement of parents in school activities has no influence on the growth of the children.

A). Only I follows
B). Only II follows
C). Neither I nor II follows
D). Both I and II follow

26). Statement: Aggressive animals can be trained with care and affection to behave as
the occasion demands.
Conclusion I : Trained dogs cannot be aggressive.
Conclusion II : Animals are always aggressive unless care and affection is given to them.

A). Only I follows
B). Only II follows
C). Neither I nor II follows
D). Both I and II follow
Directions : In the following Six questions, select the related word/letters/number from the given alternatives.
27). Haematology : Blood :: Phycology : ....?.....
A). Fungi
B). Fishes
C). Algae
D). Diseases
28). Pride of Lions :: .......... of cats
A). Herd
B). School
C). Clowder
D). Bunch
29). MAN : PDQ :: WAN : ......?........
30). AEFJ : KOPT :: ......?...... :: QUVZ
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