TNPSC Question Paper-2000 Questions and answers

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1). That the earth is almost spherical, was first stated by
A). Ptolemy
B). Aryabhatta
C). Pythagoras
D). Copernicus
2). The correct sequence in decreasing order of the proportion of the given gases in the atmosphere is
A). argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen
B). carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon
C). oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide
D). argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide
3). The forms of matter are
A). 3
B). 4
C). 5
D). 7
4). Refrigeration is a process which
A). kills bacteria
B). slows down the bacterial growth
C). inactivates the bacteria
D). plasmolyses the bacteria
5). The weather 'map telecast' in TV is photographed by the satellite orbiting at a height of
A). 36,000 km
B). 3,600 km
C). 3,600 miles
D). 360 km

6). The unit for work and energy is
A). Joule
B). Newton
C). Coulomb
D). Dioptre
7). The function of pace-maker is

A). regulation of urine formation
B). regulation of digestion
C). initiation of heartbeat
D). initiation of respiration
8). Einstein got the Nobel Prize for
A). Relativity
B). Photo-electric effect
C). Polarisation
D). Radioactivity
9). Asia's biggest astronomical telescope is at
A). Kavanur
B). Kodaikanal
C). Bangalore
D). New Delhi
10). An example of semi-conductor is
A). German silver
B). Germanium
C). Phosphorus
D). Arsenic
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