Directions (Q.82-101) :In the following passage at certain points you are given questions numbers with choice of three words, choose one of which fits the meaning of the passage. Choose the best word. Mark the letter (a),(b)or (c)relating to this word on your Answer Sheet.
We know that the average depth of the sea is about two and a half miles, but in a few places it is very deep indeed-over six miles. The air presses upon our bodies with a weight of about fifteen pounds to the square inch at __82__ We are used to this air pressure and __83__ not notice it. In the sea this __84__is doubled at a depth of thirty five feet, and it __85__ at this rate for greater depths. In the great deeps __86__ the philippine Islands, a man would be squeezed and utterly crushed by a pressure of __87__ tons per square inch. The pressure near the ocean floor is __88__ great that if you were to weight a piece of wood and __89__ it to a great depth and then pull it __90__ again it would no longer float, __91__ it would have become waterlogged. All the tiny wood cells __92__ have burst and become filled with water. We __93__ that animals live at a depth of three miles and more and we wonder __94__ this can be. The bodies of animals down __95__ are almost entirely filled with water, and __96__ saves them from being crushed. However, many of __97__ animals contain some gases as well, for __98__ they are captured in nets and drawn __99__ the surface these gases expand so much that the animal __100__ explodes. Its body is torn to shreds as it __101__

Choose the best option to fit __ 84 __ from the above paragraph

A) weight

B) volume

C) pressure

D) -

Correct Answer:
C) pressure

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