Which one of the following statements regarding starch and cellulose is NOT correct?

A) Both of them are of plant origin

B) Both of them are polymers

C) Both of them give colour with iodine

D) Both of them are made up of glucose molecules

Correct Answer:
C) Both of them give colour with iodine

Description for Correct answer:
Starch and cellulose both are plant origin. Starch deposits in plant cells, whereas cellulose is most important constituent of plant cell wall. Both starch and cellulose are polymers. Starch is branched polymer of alpha – D – glucose unit linked by alpha – 1, 4 glycosidic bond. Cellulose is a linear polymer of beta – D – glucose unit.  Glucose molecules are present in both starch and cellulose. Amylose in starch is responsible for the formation of deep blue colour in the presence of iodine but cellulose does not give any colour at the treatment with iodine, because amylose is absent in cellulose.

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