A train takes 10 seconds to cross a pole and 20 seconds to cross a platform of length 200 m. What is the length of the train?

A) 50 m

B) 100 m

C) 150 m

D) 200 m

Correct Answer:
D) 200 m

Description for Correct answer:
Let 'L' be the length of train

A train takes 10 sec to cross a pole \( \Large S_{T} = \frac{L}{10} \)... (i)

and same train takes 20 sec to cross a platform of length 200 m

\( \Large S_{T} = \frac{L+200}{20} \)...(ii)

Solving equation (i) and (ii) we get

\( \Large \frac{L}{10} = \frac{L + 200}{20} \)

2L = L + 200

L = 200m

Hence length of train is 200 m

Option (D)is correct

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