Directions (Q.1-25): In this section, you are required to spot errors in sentences. Each sentence is divided into three parts. Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in any of the parts. No sentence has more than one error. Some of the sentences do not have any error: When you find an error in a sentence, the letter indicated under that part of the sentence is the answer and therefore the same may be marked on the separate Answer Sheet. If there is no error in any part, then (D)which stands for “No error” is the answer for the item. 

I should(a)/ have preferred(b)/ to go by myself.(c)/ No error(d)

A) I should(a)

B) have preferred(b)

C) to go by myself.(c)

D) No error(d)

Correct Answer:
B) have preferred(b)

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