Which is the most important divinity of Rigveda ?

A) Marut

B) Agni

C) Shakti

D) Varuna

Correct Answer:
D) Varuna

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1). Match the following : A. Rigveda 1. Musical hymns B. Yajurveda 2. Hymns and rituals C. Samaveda 3. Charms and spells D. Atharvaveda 4. Hymns and prayers
A). 4 2 1 3
B). 3 2 4 1
C). 4 1 2 3
D). 2 3 1 4
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2). The vedic deity Indra was the god of :
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B). eternity
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3). The God not worshipped during the time of Rigvedic Aryans was :
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B). Agni
C). Marut
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4). Which among the following was the chief feature of Rig Vedic religion ?
A). Performance of sacrifices
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B). Gautam
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B). Agni
C). Marut
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B). 1,3 and 4
C). 2 and 3
D). 1,2,3 and 4
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