The crowd surged forward through the narrow streets of Paris. There was a clatter of shutters being closed hastily by trembling hands – the citizen of Paris knew that once the fury of the people was excited there was no telling what they might do. They came to an old house which had a workshop on the ground floor. A head popped out of the door to see what it was all about "Get him Get Thimonier! Smash his devilish machines" yelled the crowd. They found the workshop without its owner. M.Thimonier had escaped by the back door. Now the furty of the demonstrators turned against the machines that were standing in the shop, ready to be delivered to buyers. They were systematically broken up and destroyed – dozens of them. Only when the last wheel and spindle had been tramples under foot did the infuriated crowd recover their senses.
"That is the end of M'Sieur Thimonier and his sewing machines", they said to one another and went home satisfied. Perhaps now they would find work, for they were all unemployed tailors and seamstresses who believed that their livelihood was threatened by that new invention.

The aim of the crowd was to

A) Kill Thimonier

B) drive Thimonier away

C) humiliate Thimonier

D) destroy the sewing machines

Correct Answer:
A) Kill Thimonier

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