The sides of a right angled triangle are equal to three consecutive numbers expressed in centimeters. What can be the area of such a triangle?

A) \( \Large 6cm^{2} \)

B) \( \Large 8cm^{2} \)

C) \( \Large 10cm^{2} \)

D) \( \Large 12cm^{2} \)

Correct Answer:
A) \( \Large 6cm^{2} \)

Description for Correct answer:

Since, the triangle is right angled.

All the three consecutive sides must satisfy Pythagoras theorem 3, 4 and 5 are the sides of triangle which satisfy Pythagoras theorem.

\( \Large (5^{2}=4^{2}+3^{2}) \)

Area of triangle = \( \Large \frac{1}{2}\times 4\times 3=6cm^{2} \)

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