Industries and infrastructure

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1. In India, maximum number of workers are employed in :

2. After textiles, India's second important industry is :

3. India's oldest iron and steel plant is :

4. Which industry in India was worst affected because of the partition?

5. Which of the following industries was started first in India?

6. Which Agriculture export item is second in case of India?

7. India has the maximum volume of foreign trade with :

8. The most important small-scale industry in India is that of :

9. Which part of separated UTI is under SEBI's regulation:

10. The largest importer country of Indian textile is :

11. Indian Railways earn the maximum revenue from :

12. Which industry earns the second highest not foreign exchange from the trade?

13. Under perfect competition :

14. Match the following:
Commission Matter of Enquiry
A. Wadhva Commission 1. The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi
B. Liberhan Commission 2. Killing of Graham Staines
C. Sri Krishna Commission 3. Demolition of a religious structure at Ayodhya
D. Jain Commission 4. Riots in Mumbai in 1993

15. Consider the following statements :
1. The Ministry of External Affairs is in charge of monetary policy in India
2. The Ministry of External Affairs is in-charge of foreign exchange rate determination in India.
3. The Ministry of Commerce puts forward the Export-Import Policy in India
4. The Planning Commission prepares the Annual Budget of the Government
Which of the statements is/are correct?