Currency Inflation-Indian economy

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1. The cause of inflation is :

2. Who among the following is most benefitted from inflation?

3. Which of the following groups suffer the most from inflation?

4. Minimum inflation in post economic reform was in :

5. Inflation implies :

6. Who among the following are not protected against inflation?

7. An essential attribute of inflation is :

8. The best means of saving during inflation is to keep :

9. The period of high inflation and low economic growth is termed as :

10. Inflation can be contained by :

11. Which of the following are definite implications of a fall in inflation?
1. Prices have fallen
2. Prices are increasing more slowly than before
3. Food supply has increased
4. There is industrial stagnation

12. Inflationary Gap is a situation characterised by :

13. A high rate of inflation tends to worsen balance of payment because :

14. Inflation is caused as a result of :

15. Monetary policy is regulated by :

16. One-rupee currency notes bear the signature of :

17. When was the decimal system of currency introduced in India?

18. Which of the following prints currency not of the denomination of Rs.100?

19. The special paper required for printing of currency notes by the Security Presses in the country is manufactured at :

20. Which of the following mints undertakes refining of gold for licensed gold dealers and production of medals for defence services?