General Knowledge-Sample Test1

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1. Schindler's List - was written by?

2. Art of war was written by?

3. Who is the author of "Betrayal of the Defence Forces"?

4. The book "Gulliver's Travels" was written by

5. The book 'Satanic Verses' was written by :

6. What is common between Kutty, Shankar, Laxman and Sudhir Dar?

7. Who is the father of Geometry ?

8. The first Indian to swim across English channel was

9. Who is known as the "Lady with the Lamp"?

10. Who is known as "Desert Fox"?

11. Where is the sports stadium, Green Park, located?

12. Which missile is designed to defend large installation like oil-fields etc. against enemy air attacks?

13. When was Lord Buddha born?

14. Which is the associated sport of Bombay Gold Cup?

15. Brahadeeshwara temple was built by __________

16. The Nobel peace prize is awarded in which city?

17. Who among the following has received a Nobel Prize in literature 1953?

18. Which state Government of India has instituted the Samman Award?

19. Arjuna Award is given for :

20. The Jawaharlal Nehru Award is for :

21. The "Char Minar" is in

22. Largest Mint in India is located at

23. The first nuclear reactor in India is

24. Siachen is a

25. Indian School of Mines is located in

26. "Apsara" is the name of India's first

27. Who was the first Indian to go into space?

28. Match the following :
Organisation Location
A. National Cancer Research Centre 1. Mumbai
B. Industrial Poison Science Research Centre 2. Lucknow
C. NEERI 3. Nagpur
D. Forest Research Institute 4. Dehradun
Below options are given in A B C D order

29. Match the following :
City Establishment
A. Arkonam 1. Central Air Command HQ
B. Allahabad 2. Naval Air Base
C. Kamptee 3. Institute of Military Law
D. Mhow 4. Coast Guard District HQ
5. College of Combat
Below options are given in A B C D order

30. 9. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched :
Unit of Indian Railway Location