The Judiciary-Indian polity

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1. Which is the highest and final judicial tribunal in respect of the Constitution of India?

2. An appeal shall lie to the Supreme Court from any judgement of a High Court if the High Court :

3. What is meant by 'Court of Record'?

4. Besides its permanent seat at Delhi the Supreme Court can also meet at :

5. Which of the following cases cannot be filed directly in the Supreme Court?

6. Which of the following is incorrect regarding Supreme Court?

7. Which of the following is true about the Supreme Court?

8. The Chief Justice and other Judges of the Supreme Court can be removed from their office by an order of the President passed after :

9. At present the Supreme Court consists of how many judges besides the Chief Justice?

10. The Supreme Court was set up under :

11. A civil case becomes a fit case for appeal to the Supreme Court if :

12. The judges of the Supreme Court are appointed :

13. Which is not correct statement : The Supreme Court :

14. The Supreme Court is court of record. This implies :
I. it can punish for its contempt
II. Its decisions are admitted as evidence and cannot be questioned in any court of law
III. It has to keep a record of all the important cases that are conducted in India
IV. its decisions, once taken, are binding upon it.

15. Judicial Review in India does not extend to :