Articles of constitution-Indian polity

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1. Which part of the Constitution incorporates special provisions with regard to the state of Jammu and Kashmir ?

2. Which Article of Indian Constitution prescribes Hindi in Devanagari script as the official language of the Union ?

3. Which of the following Articles of Indian Constitution guarantees equal opportunities in public employment to persons belonging to SC/ST and the other minority communities ?

4. Provisions of having a UPSC and Public Service Commission for States are enshrined in :

5. Match the following :
A.Part I 1. Fundamental Rights
B. Part III 2. Panchayati Raj
C. Par IX 3. Citizenship
D. Part II 4. The Union and its Territory
Below options are given in A B C D order

6. Match the following :
A. Article 61 1. Removal of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
B. Article 67 2. Impeachment of President
C. Article 94 3. Removal of Vice President
D. Article 90 4. Removal of Speaker
Below options are given in A B C D order

7. Match the following :
A. Abolition of untouchability 1. Article 24
B. Abolition of Titles 2. Article 23
C. Prohibition of child Labour 3. Article 17
D. Prohibition of Traffic 4. Article 18
Traffic in human belongings
Below options are given in A B C D order

8. Which one of the following Articles of Constitution of India says that the executive power of every State shall be so exercised as not to impede or prejudice the exercise of the executive power of the Union ?

9. Article 340 of the Constitution of India provides for the appointment of a commission to investigate the conditions for the improvement of :

10. The President's rule can be proclaimed in a State :

11. Proclamation of emergency under Article 352, when Lok Sabha stands dissolved, has to be approved by :

12. The rule of passing resolution by 2/3rd majority of total number of members of the House of Parliament is applicable in the case of :

13. The 'President Rule' in a state means that the state is ruled by :

14. Every proclamation issued under Article 356 shall cease to operate at the expiration of :

15. While a proclamation of emergency is in operation in the country, the State Government :