History-General Knowledge

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1. Which was the first metal used by man?

2. When the first metal tool came into being it was used for?

3. The main channels of our knowledge about the Indus Valley Civilization are:

4. Which of the following Harappan sites had a dock?

5. The Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in:

6. Which one of the following contains the Gayatri Mantra ?

7. The God not worshipped during the time of Rigvedic Aryans was :

8. Which among the following was the chief feature of Rig Vedic religion ?

9. The meaning of 'Buddha' is :

10. Ashoka was much influenced by a Buddhist monk called :

11. Match the following :
A. Hinduism 1. Eight Fold Path
B. Jainism 2. Monotheism
C. Buddhism 3. Divinity
D. Islam 4. Three Fold Path
Below options are given in the A B C D order

12. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched ?

13. Alexander died at :

14. Tradition has it that Ajatashatru was instigated to murder his father by :

15. In which century did Ashoka reign?

16. Ashoka, the Great conquered Kalinga in the year:

17. What does the word 'Ashoka' literally mean?

18. The Mauryan dynasty was overthrown by :

19. Who authored the Tamil epic 'Silappadikaram'?

20. To which dynasty did Senguttuvan belong?

21. The Sangam literature is a major source of information about the social, economic and political life of the people living in the present day :

22. Satavahanas belonged to :

23. Saka era started from

24. Which Gupta ruler had led a campaign to the south and was an expert 'Veena' player?

25. Panchatantra' was written by :

26. Zero was invented by :

27. Which one amongst the following is the oldest Dynasty?

28. The region of Gupta rulers is known as the 'Golden Age of India' Which of the following is true in this regard?

29. The great mathematician and astronomer of the Gupta period, Aryabhatta, is credited with
1. discovery of earth's rotation on its axis
2. using the concept of zero
3. discovery of gravitational force of earth
4. discovery of the cause of eclipse being the earth's shadow on the moon

30. Which of the following Gupta rulers defeated the Huna ruler, Mihirakula?