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11). A than goes 5 km due east, then 5 Ian due south and then 5 km south east. His distance from the starting point is
A). 15 km.
B). 10 km.
C). \( \Large 5 \left(\sqrt{2}+1\right)\ km. \)
D). \( \Large \left(5\sqrt{3}-1\right) km. \)
12). A vehicle starts from point P and runs 20 kms. towards north, turns to its right and runs 15 kms. It then turns to its right and runs another 20 kms to reach the end poith Q. The distance travelled by the vehicle and the distance between P and Q are
A). 55, 20 kms.
B). 20, 55 kms.
C). 55, 15 krns.
D). 15, 20 kms.
13). A starts and walks towards south. He then turns to his right and walks 3 km and then again turn left and walks 5 km. In which direction is he from the starting point.
A). West
B). South
C). North
D). North East
14). A went 10 km to the east, then turned north and walked another 15 km. then turned west and covered 12 m. and then turned south and covered 15 m. How far is he from his starting point.
A). 0 m.
B). 3 m.
C). 2 m.
D). none of these
15). A person starts from A and travels 3 km. in the north east direction and then travels 4 km. in the south east direction and reaches B. The distance between A and B is
A). 3 km.
B). 4 km.
C). 5 km.
D). None of these

16). A man travels 2 miles, turns left and travels another 4 miles, then turns right and travels yet another mile. How far is he from the starting point.
A). 4 mile
B). 5 miles
C). 6 miles
D). 7 miles
17). If \( \Large \frac{(a - b)^{2} - (a + b)^{2}}{-4a} = \frac{x}{y} \), On simplifying the above mentioned equation, what will be the equation ?
A). xy = b
B). bx = y
C). by = x
D). ab = x
18). Angle 'A' of the quadrilateral ABCD is \( \Large 26^{\circ} \) less than angle B. Angle B is twice angle C and angle C is \( \Large 10^{\circ} \) more than the angle D. What would be the measure of angle A ?
A). \( \Large 104 ^{\circ} \)
B). \( \Large 126 ^{\circ} \)
C). \( \Large 56 ^{\circ} \)
D). \( \Large 106 ^{\circ} \)
19). In every 30 minutes the time of a watch increases by 3 minutes. After setting the correct time at 5 a.m., what time will the watch show after 6 hours ?
A). 10 : 54 a.m.
B). 11 : 30 a.m.
C). 11 : 36 a.m.
D). 11 : 42 a.m.
20). In the following question three squares A, B and C are given which contain four figures/ numbers related to each other. The figures / numbers in the first two squares are given as examples and bear a certain relationship to each other within the square. This relationship can be established /calculated vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Depending on this relationship between the figures/numbers in the first two squares, find out what should come in place of the question mark in the third square - C.

A). 27
B). -13
C). 6
D). -27
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