The Union Legislature Questions and answers

  1. General Knowledge
    1. Culture
    2. Economy
    3. General
    4. Geography
    5. History
    6. Indian Polity
      1. Indian Constitution
      2. Preamble
      3. Citizenship
      4. Articles of Constitution
      5. The Union Executive
      6. The Union Legislature
      7. The Judiciary
      8. The State Executive
      9. Indian Federalism
      10. Assertion and Reasoning
    7. Politics
    8. Sports
1). What is 'zero hour' ?
A). when the proposals of the opposition are considered
B). when matters of utmost importance are raised
C). interval between the morning and afternoon sessions
D). when a Money Bill is introduced in the Lok Sabha
2). When the Lok Sabha is dissolved, the Speaker continues in office till a new :
A). Lok Sabha is formed
B). Speaker is appointed by the President
C). Speaker is elected when the new House meets
D). Government is formed
3). Who is the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?
A). President
B). Vice-President
C). Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
D). Leader of Opposition
4). Parliament's expenditure is controlled by :
A). President
B). Finance Commission
C). National Development Council
D). Comptroller and auditor General
5). Which of the following states has the largest percentage of reserved parliamentary seats ?
A). Orissa
B). Bihar
C). Uttar Pradesh
D). Madhya Pradesh

6). Members of the Rajya Sabha are elected according to :
A). Cumulative Vote System
B). single Non-transferable Vote System
C). Single Transferable Vote System
D). None of these
7). The Rajya Sabha can have a maximum strength of :
A). 200
B). 210
C). 250
D). 260
8). A present the Rajya Sabha consists of ________. Members
A). 250
B). 245
C). 238
D). 240
9). Who was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha ?
A). G. V. Mavalankar
B). P. Upendra
C). Anantha Sayanam Ayyanagar
D). Hukam Singh
10). who among the following was never the Lok Sabha Speaker ?
A). K.V.K Sundaram
B). G.S. Dhillon
C). Baliram Bhagat
D). Hukum Singh
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