Preamble Questions and answers

  1. General Knowledge
    1. Culture
    2. Economy
    3. General
    4. Geography
    5. History
    6. Indian Polity
      1. Indian Constitution
      2. Preamble
      3. Citizenship
      4. Articles of Constitution
      5. The Union Executive
      6. The Union Legislature
      7. The Judiciary
      8. The State Executive
      9. Indian Federalism
      10. Assertion and Reasoning
    7. Politics
    8. Sports
1). Which of the following is a feature of the Parliamentary form of government ?
A). Executive is responsible to Judiciary
B). Executive is responsible to Legislature
C). Judiciary is responsible to Executive
D). Legislature is responsible to Executive
2). Match the following :
Constitutional Sources
A. Federation 1. U.S.A
B. Parliamentary 2. Britain
c. Directive Principle 3. Canada
D. Fundamental Rights 4. Ireland
Below options are given in A B C D order

A). 2 1 4 1
B). 2 3 1 4
C). 3 4 1 2
D). 3 2 4 1
3). Which of the following features does the Indian Constitution borrow from the Weimar Constitution of Germany ?
A). The idea of a federation with a strong centre
B). The method of presidential elections
C). The Emergency powers
D). Provisions concerning the suspension of fundamental rights during National
4). Match the following :
Constitutional Sources
A. Rule of Law 1. German Constitution
B. Directive Principles 2. Australian Constitution
C. Concurrent List 3. Irish Constitution
D. Suspension of 4. British Constitution
Fundamental Rights
during Emergency
Below options are given in A B C D order

A). 4 2 1 3
B). 4 3 2 1
C). 2 3 4 1
D). 2 1 4 3
5). Which of the following features and their source is wrongly matched ?
A). Judicial review - British practice
B). Concurrent List - Australian Constitution
C). Directive Principles - Irish Constitution
D). Fundamental Rights - U.S.A Constitution

6). Which Constitution has inspired the Indian concepts of rule of law, parliamentary system and law-making procedure ?
A). U.S. Constitution
B). British Constitution
C). Canadian Constitution
D). All the above
7). The Constitution of India borrowed the scheme of Indian Federation from the Constitution of :
A). U.S.A
B). Canada
C). Ireland
D). U.K.
8). The Indian Constitution closely follows the constitutional system of :
B). U.K
C). Switzerland
D). Russia
9). Which of the following is a feature common to both the Indian Federation and the American Federation ?
A). A single citizenship
B). Dual Judiciary
C). Three lists in the Constitution
D). A Federal supreme court to interpret the Constitution
10). The inspiration of 'Liberty, Equality and Fraternity' was derived from :
A). American revolution
B). French revolution
C). Russian revolution
D). None of these
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