Indian Constitution Questions and answers

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    6. Indian Polity
      1. Indian Constitution
      2. Preamble
      3. Citizenship
      4. Articles of Constitution
      5. The Union Executive
      6. The Union Legislature
      7. The Judiciary
      8. The State Executive
      9. Indian Federalism
      10. Assertion and Reasoning
    7. Politics
    8. Sports
1). The Constitution of India was enacted by a constituent Assembly set up :
A). under the Indian Independence Act, 1947
B). under the Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946
C). through a resolution of the provisional government
D). by the Indian National congress
2). The constituent Assembly which framed the constitution for Independent India was set up in :
A). 1945
B). 1946
C). 1947
D). 1949
3). Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India?
A). Sachidananda sinha
B). B.R. Ambedkar
C). Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D). P. Upendra
4). Who among the following was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian constitution ?
A). Rajendra Prasad
B). Tej Bahadur Sapru
C). C. Rajagopalachari
D). B. R. Ambedkar
5). How long did the constituent Assembly take to finally pass the Constitution ?
A). about 6 months in 1949
B). exactly a year since Nov 26, 1948
C). about 2 years since Aug 15, 1947
D). about 3 years since Dec 9, 1946

6). Who was the President of the constituent assembly ?
A). Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
B). Dr. Rajendra Prasad
C). Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
D). C. Rajagopalachari
7). The demand for the Constituent Assembly was put forward by the Indian National congress in 1936 at its session held at :
A). Kanpur
B). Bombay
C). Lucknow
D). Lahore
8). The Cabinet Mission to India was headed by :
A). Stafford Cripps
B). A.V. Alexander
C). Lord Pethick Lawrence
D). Hugh Gaitskell
9). The Constitution of India was adopted by the :
A). Governor General
B). British Parliament
C). Constituent Assembly
D). Parliament of India
10). The Constituent Assembly for undivided India first met on
A). 6th December, 1946
B). 9th December, 1946
C). 20th February, 1947
D). 3rd June, 1947
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