International Organisations Questions and answers

  1. General Knowledge
    1. Culture
    2. Economy
      1. Nature of Indian Economy
      2. Poverty and Unemployment
      3. Currency Inflation
      4. Banking System
      5. Fiscal System
      6. Industries and Infrastructure
      7. International Organisations
    3. General
    4. Geography
    5. History
    6. Indian Polity
    7. Politics
    8. Sports
21). The headquarters of OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Countries) is at :
A). Vienna
B). Kuwait City
C). Algeria
D). Tehran
22). The Headquarter of ILO is at :
A). Washington
B). Geneva
C). The Hague
D). Manila
23). Which of the following constitute the World Bank?
1. International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
2. International Finance Corporation
3. International Development Association
4. International Monetary Fund
Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

A). 1, 2 and 3
B). 1 and 2
C). 1 and 3
D). 1, 2, 3 and 4
24). The headquarters of IMF and World Bank are located at :
A). Geneva and Montreal
B). Geneva and Vienna
C). New York and Geneva
D). Both Washington DC
25). National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) was established in :
A). 1948
B). 1950
C). 1952
D). 1954

26). Besides UK, USA, Germany, France and Japan the G-8 countries includes
A). Canada, Belgium and Russia
B). Canada, Italy and Netherlands
C). Canada, Russia and Italy
D). China, Netherlands and Russia
27). When was the 'League of Nations' formed?
A). 2/10/1920
B). 12/10/1919
C). 1/10/1920
D). 1/10/1922
28). Voting rights in the IMF are distributed on the basis of:
A). one country, one vote
B). proportion to the share of the income of the country in the world income
C). proportion to contributions given by each country
D). proportion to quota allotted to countries from time to time
29). “World Development Report" is an annual publication of:
A). United Nations Development Programme
B). International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
C). World Trade Organisation
D). International Monetary Fund
30). The United Nations officially came into existence on
A). 1/1/1942
B). 10/3/1944
C). 10/24/1945
D). 6/26/1945
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