SBI JuniorAssociate-4 Questions and answers

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      6. SBI ASSO PO
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      8. LIC AAO
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      10. IBPS PO-Prelims1
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      13. SBI JuniorAssociate
      14. Bank Of Baroda-Probationary officer
      15. NABARD Assistant Manager-Preliminary Examination
      16. IBPS RRB-Preliminary Exam
      17. IBPS Clerk-Preliminary Exam
      18. IBPS PO-Prelims3
      19. IBPS Clerk1
      20. IBPS PO-Prelims4
      21. IBPS Clerk2
      22. SBI JuniorAssociates-Prelims
      23. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      24. SBI JuniorAssociate-1
      25. SBI JuniorAssociate-2
      26. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      27. SBI PO-Prelims
      28. SBI JuniorAssociate-3
      29. SBI JuniorAssociate-4
      30. SBI JuniorAssociate-5
      31. SBI JuniorAssociate-6
      32. SBI PO-Main Exam
      33. SBI JuniorAssociate-7
      34. SBI JuniorAssociate-8
      35. SBI PO-Prelims2
      36. SBI PO-Prel
      61). What is the least number which, when divided by 4, 6. 7, 8 gives the remainder 3 but is divisible by 9 ?
      A). 1463
      B). 1573
      C). 1633
      D). 1793
      E). 1797
      62). Three numbers are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. The sum of the largest and the smallest equals the sum of the second and 52. The smallest number is :
      A). 20
      B). 27
      C). 39
      D). 52
      E). 56
      63). If the radius of a circle is increased by 50%, its area is increased by :
      A). 125%
      B). 100%
      C). 75%
      D). 50%
      E). 70%
      64). A and B working separately can do a piece of work in 9 and 12 days respectively. If the work for a day alternately with a beginning, the Work would be completed in :
      A). 10\( \Large \frac{2}{3} \) days
      B). 10\( \Large \frac{1}{2} \) days
      C). 10\( \Large \frac{1}{4} \) days
      D). 10\( \Large \frac{1}{3} \) days
      E). 10\( \Large \frac{2}{3} \) days
      65). A and B together can do a work in 10 days. B and C together can do the same work in 6 days. A and C together can do the work in 12 days. Then A, B and C together can do the work in :
      A). 28 days
      B). 14 days
      C). 5\( \Large \frac{5}{7} \) days
      D). 8\( \Large \frac{2}{7} \) days
      E). 5\( \Large \frac{1}{7} \) days

      66). If 'R' denotes '-'; 'Q' denotes 'X'; 'W' denotes '+': and 'A' denotes '+', then 42 W 7 R 8 A 6 Q 4 =?
      A). -22
      B). -168
      C). 22
      D). 28
      E). None of these
      67). What should come next in the following letter series based on English alphabet ?

      CEA lKG OQM ?

      A). STW
      B). WUS
      C). SWU
      D). UWS
      E). None of these
      68). The positions of how many digits in the number 59164823 will remain unchanged after the digits are rearranged in descending order withing the number ?
      A). None
      B). One
      C). Two
      D). Three
      E). More than three
      69). In a certain code language, 'how can you go' is written as 'ja da ka pa', 'can you come here' is written as 'na ka sa ja' and 'come and go' is written as 'ra pa sa' How is 'here' written in that code language ?
      A). ja
      B). na
      C). pa
      D). Data inadequate
      E). None of these
      Directions [70-74) : Study the following information carefully to answer these questions :
      A, B, C, D, E, F and G are members of a sports club and have liking for different games, viz. Carrom, Table Tennis, Badminton, Bridge, Hockey, Football and Lawn Tennis but not necessarily in the same order. Each one of them has a liking for different musical instruments, Viz. Sitar, Guitar, Harmonium, Flute, Tabla, Banjo and Santoor, not necessarily in the same order.
      B likes Carrom and Banjo. E likes to play Bridge but not Harmonium or Tabla. The one who plays Hockey plays Sitar. F plays Guitar but not Table Tennis or Lawn Tennis. A plays Badminton and Flute. The one who plays Lawn Tennis does not play Tabla. C plays Harmonium and G plays Hockey.
      70). Who plays Santoor ?
      A). D
      B). A
      C). E
      D). D or E
      E). None of these
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