TNPSC Question Paper-2007 Questions and answers

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1). Semiconducting property of silicon is due to
A). its positive temperature coefficient of resistance
B). its negative temperature coefficient of resistance
C). wide band gap
D). narrow band gap
2). Light from the sun reaches the earth in
A). 45 minutes
B). 8 minutes
C). 4 minutes
D). 2 minutes
3). Which of the following is used in electric heaters and irons?
A). Tungsten
B). Steel
C). Copper
D). Nichrome
4). witch one of the following instruments is used to measure the speed of water through a pipe?
A). McLeod gauge
B). pressure gauge
C). Screw gauge
D). Venturimeter
5). The distance of stars is measured by the unit
A). Kilometer (km)
B). Angstrom (A) unit
C). Light year
D). Giga metre

6). Theory of relativity was proposed by which one of the following scientists in the year 1905?
A). Rutherford
B). Thomson
C). Bohr
D). Einstein
7). The moderator used in the nuclear reactor at Madras atomic power station in Kalpakkam is
A). Water (H2O)
B). Graphite
C). Heavy Water(D2O)
D). None of these
8). Radio carbon In nature Is produced as a result of
A). the action of UV rays on ordinary carbon
B). the action of IR rays on Ordinary carbon
C). the action of cosmic rays on earth's atmospheric nitrogen
D). the action of X-rays on ordinary carbon
9). The speed of sound is higher in which one of the following mediums?
A). Liquids
B). Solids
C). Gases
D). Same in all
10). The huge amount of energy released in nuclear fission and fusion reactions is due to the conversion of
A). chemical energy into heat energy
B). protons into neutrons
C). mass into energy, according to Einstein's equation
D). mechanical energy into heat energy
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