SBI Associates Clerk Questions and answers

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      36. SBI PO-Prel
      121). A "Byte" is ______
      A). found in the upper left corner of a window screen
      B). the part that moves on the desk drive
      C). a group of 8 bits of code
      D). found in the upper left of window screen
      E). the capacity of sound card
      122). What is the personal computer operating system that organizes and uses A a graphic desktop environment?
      A). RAM
      B). Windows
      C). DOS
      D). CPU
      E). Functions
      123). Pricing based on area is called as:
      A). Geographic Pricing
      B). Area Pricing
      C). Skimming Pricing
      D). Domestic Pricing
      E). Cost plus pricing
      124). If a company is focusing on developing the right combinations of price, promotion, distribution and product the, company is developing a ........
      A). Marketing policy
      B). Marketing mix
      C). Marketing discount
      D). Marketing research experiment
      E). Marketing niche
      125). When you click on SAVE on the monitor, and there is no Flash drive or Floppy disk/diskette in a drive, the document or application you are using is stored .........
      A). on a Tape A
      B). in ROM memory
      C). on the CD-ROM drive
      D). on the RAM chips
      E). on the Hard drive

      126). Storage device that can be plugged directly into a computer's USB port is .........
      A). GKHVW
      B). DVD
      C). Floppy
      D). Flash drive
      E). Plug-in
      127). The idea behind Market segmentation is ........
      A). self-single product only
      B). appeal to the total Market
      C). Spend more money on advertising
      D). spend less money
      E). group various customers into segments that have common needs or will respond similarly to marketing efforts.
      128). Temporary memory is called as :-
      A). PROM
      B). ROM
      C). DOS
      D). RAM
      E). CAD
      129). The printer produces output on paper, often called ........... copy.
      A). soft
      B). hard
      C). readable
      D). virtual
      E). real
      130). To perform a computing task, software uses hardware for four basics functions .........
      A). input, processing, storage and output
      B). input, processing, storage and analysis
      C). input, storage, alteration and output
      D). input, storage, retrieval and display
      E). output, input, analysis and viewing
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