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      2. IBPS PO-Main Exam
      3. IBPS PO-Prelims
      4. IBPS Clerk-Prelims
      5. IBPS SO IT
      6. SBI ASSO PO
      7. IBPS Clerk
      8. LIC AAO
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      10. IBPS PO-Prelims1
      11. IBPS PO-Prelims2
      12. IBPS clerk-Prelims2
      13. SBI JuniorAssociate
      14. Bank Of Baroda-Probationary officer
      15. NABARD Assistant Manager-Preliminary Examination
      16. IBPS RRB-Preliminary Exam
      17. IBPS Clerk-Preliminary Exam
      18. IBPS PO-Prelims3
      19. IBPS Clerk1
      20. IBPS PO-Prelims4
      21. IBPS Clerk2
      22. SBI JuniorAssociates-Prelims
      23. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      24. SBI JuniorAssociate-1
      25. SBI JuniorAssociate-2
      26. IBPS RRB-Prelims
      27. SBI PO-Prelims
      28. SBI JuniorAssociate-3
      29. SBI JuniorAssociate-4
      30. SBI JuniorAssociate-5
      31. SBI JuniorAssociate-6
      32. SBI PO-Main Exam
      33. SBI JuniorAssociate-7
      34. SBI JuniorAssociate-8
      35. SBI PO-Prelims2
      36. SBI PO-Prel
      121). The minister for Heavy industries and Public enterprises in the revamped union council of ministers is ...
      A). Shri Ramvilzis Paswan
      B). Shri Anant Kumar
      C). Shri j .P.Nadda
      D). Shri Anant Geete
      E). Shri Kalraj Mishra.
      122). The theme of the 102nd edition of the Indian Science Congress 2015 recently held in Mumbai was :
      A). Power of science is all around us
      B). Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
      C). Recreating interest in Basic science
      D). Science and Technology for nation building
      E). Science and Technology for Human Development
      123). Kundankulem project is located in which state ?
      A). Karnataka
      B). Kerala
      C). Telangana.
      D). Maharashtra
      E). Tamil Nadu
      124). The 'Virani Gujarat' summit 2015 Was recently held in .....
      A). Gandhinagar
      B). Ahmedabad
      C). Iamnagar
      D). Vadodara
      E). Porbandar
      125). Ajinkya Rahane' is associated with the game of ........
      A). Wrestling
      B). Cricket
      C). Badminton
      D). Women Hockey
      E). Athletics .

      126). Chairperson of the NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog formed by the Government of India to replace the erstwhile planning commission is ......
      A). Shri Sindhu Shree Khullar
      B). Shri Arvind Panagariya
      C). Shri Arun Iaitley
      D). Smt. Sushma Swaraj
      E). Shri Narendra Modi
      127). In case of mutual funds the expense ratio measures the per unit cost of managing a fund. It is calculated by dividing the fund.
      A). Profit per unit
      B). Total income from assets
      C). Total liabilities
      D). Expenses per unit
      E). Assets under management
      128). The international Hindi Conference with the theme of "Expanding World of Hindi Pessibilities and Challenges,' Would be held between April 3-5 in ...
      A). Durban, South Africa
      B). Kyoto, Japan
      C). Mumbai, India
      D). New Jersey, USA
      E). Saint Petersburg, Russia
      129). The recently relaunched 'Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana' ' administered by the LIC will be available from August 15, 2014 to :
      A). 3lst March, 2015
      B). 31st December, 2015
      C). 1st April. 2015 .
      D). 14th August, 2015
      E). 31st March, 2016
      130). The trading of a company's stock or other securities by individuals With access to non-public information about the company with an objective of making illegal gains is known as ......
      A). Cross trading
      B). Insider Trading
      C). Forward Trading
      D). Curb Trading
      E). Circular Trading
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