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Directions (Q.61- 80): In the following passages at certain points you are given a choice of three words in brackets, one of which fits the meaning of the passage. Choose the word which best fits the meaning of the passage and mark the corresponding letter viz (a),(b)or(C)on your Answer Sheet. Example Y and Z have been solved for you.
Y  (a) Boy was in the school in Shimla.
    (b) Horse
    (c) Dog
Z (a) She was homesick.
   (b) It
   (c) He
Explanation: Out of the list given in item Y, only boy is correct answer because usually a boy and not a horse or a dog, attends school.
So (a ) is to be marked on the Answer Sheet for item Y. A boy is usually referred to as “he”, so for item Z, the letter (c) is correct answer. Notice that to solve this kind of items you have to read the preceding or succeeding sentences of the given passage.
One of the most interesting new books published recently is “Spaceship” by Prof. E.C. Walker

61). Our earth he says
A). is
B). have been
C). will be
D). -
62). Like a spaceship, and all the 400 million people
A). over
B). on
C). upon
D). -
63). Earth are passengers on it. And we are heading
A). about
B). to
C). towards
D). -
64). A disaster. The levels of atmospheric pollution
A). increasing
B). arriving
C). coming
D). -
65). In the cities and industrial areas of the world could in time change the weather patterns of the earth, raising the temperature
A). in
B). of
C). for
D). -

66). The whole planet. If this rose a few
A). degrees
B). steps
C). miles
D). -
67). The deserts of the world would expand to double their size. The polar ice caps would start melting. If the polar ice caps melted, the .
A). water
B). ice
C). sea
D). -
68). Level all over the world would rise
A). in
B). by
C). to
D). -
69). About 60 meters. Prof.Walker's
A). idea
B). thought
C). book
D). -
70). Is not at all about gloom and doom. He admist that the
A). ideas
B). solutions
C). changes
D). -
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