CDS General English(2) Questions and answers

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Directions (Q.41- 50): In this section, you find a number of sentences, parts of which are bold. For each bold part, four words /phrases are listed below. Choose the word/phrase nearest in meaning to the bold part and blacken the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet.

41). She is a woman of sterling qualities.
A). interesting
B). genuine
C). irritating
D). exciting
42). Although the boys in his class were naughty, he never resorted to corporal punishment.
A). harsh
B). physical
C). unjust
D). general
43). He wanted to mitigatehis burdens.
A). lessen
B). increase
C). postpone
D). leave
44). She adjusted quite well with her husband's idiosyncrasies.
A). peculiar habits
B). bad habits
C). weaknesses
D). stupid manners
45). The Deputy Inspector General made a perfunctory inspection of the police station.
A). thorough and complete
B). superficial
C). done as a routine but without interest
D). intensive

46). The decision to drop the atom bomb are Hiroshima I was a grave one
A). serious
B). momentous
C). instinctive
D). impulsive
47). 47. A scientist generally carries out his investigations empirically.
A). intuitively
B). verbally
C). through written communication
D). by observation and experiment
48). He is employed in an ordnance factory.
A). orthodox
B). arm and ammunition
C). electrical and electronic
D). ordinary and common
49). He is a sycophant who tries to win over politicians.
A). a psychologist
B). an opportunist
C). an unscrupulous man
D). a flatterer
50). I cannot believe in the veracityof his statement;
A). truth
B). usefulness
C). sincerity
D). falsity.
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