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PASSAGE IV(Q57-61): Answer the questions based on the given passage.
Soil scientists have shown that the soil teems with millions of living things, many of them useful, others harmful. The living things which are useful include earthworms and various kinds of bacteria. Earthworms loosen the soil and so enable air and water to enter it. Bacteria, which are microscopic living things break down dead plants and animals and make humus, or take nitrogen from the air and change it into substances that plants use. The living things that do harm include other bacteria and fungi which cause diseases. Other harmful things are pests such as wire worms which feed on the roots of grass and other plants. While the farmer can usually keep weeds in check by careful cultivation, this alone may not protect his crops from insects, pests and diseases. Nowadays, however, he is much better able to control these enemies. He may plant specially resistant types of seeds or he may keep the pests and diseases in check with chemicals. With better seeds farmers have been able to increase their crop yields. They can grow crops that ripen more quickly and have a stronger resistance to disease, frost or drought. 

61). The farmers today can also select seeds
A). of slow ripening variety
B). resistant to frost and drought
C). for economy in costs
D). of lower resistance to disease

Directions (Q.62-81): Look at the underlined part of each sentence. Below each sentence are given three possible substitutions for the underlined part. If one of them is better than the underlined part, mark accordingly on the Answer Sheet. If none of the substitutions improve the sentence, mark (d)on the Answer Sheet.

62). I never have and probably never will write good letters.
A). I never have written
B). I never have wrote
C). I never have been writing
63). I think his feet are bigger than many boys in town
A). his feet are bigger than many boys in town
B). his feet are bigger than no boys in town
C). his feet are bigger than any other boys in town
64). I haven't hardly studied for this examination.
A). Hardly I have studied
B). I have hardly studied
C). Not hardly I have studied
65). As you look across the street,lighted windows can be seen
A). you saw lighted windows
B). lighted windows may be seen
C). you can see lighted window

66). Her sister is a nurse and she intends to be one too
A). this is the profession she intends
B). her intention is the same profession
C). she intending to be nurse too
67). He asked forthe cup of tea
A). some cup of tea
B). cup of tea
C). a cup of tea
68). Several people saw the thief snatch her gold chain.
A). people have seen
B). people were seeing
C). people must see
69). We shall not wait for anyonewho will arrive late
A). who arrives late
B). who arrived late
C). who shall arrive
70). We had a hard time in the war
A). from the war
B). since the war
C). during the war
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